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Theo Danel

He started his studies at Parsons School of Design in Paris where he painted there for two years and studied Art history for another two at the University of Amsterdam.
He continued using his brushes and his love for writing until today. Some of his books were published.

Meanwhile spending most of his time, from the age of four, on the water. He sailed on many different seas and oceans around the globe.
In between his study times he decided to obtain his commercially endorsed Dutch Yacht Master which he completed in 2001.
Skippering some classic yachts in the circuit and joining many regatta's he never felt enough of his relation with the sea.

Making a major decision in 2005 to start a study in naval architecture. He finished the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology in January 2009. In this period of studying there were already some projects of preparing: structural drawings, calculating problems on existing yachts and two complete restorations. During the last year of his studies he realized the conversion and restoration of sailing-yacht Iona, by William Fife. Theo's passion for the developments in the yachting industry is giving him energy to find a niche for his own ideas and yacht-designs with new concepts and philosophy.


Associate Member of The Royal Institution of Naval Architecture 




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