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Naval Architecture and Design
Keep it Simple

Preliminary designs and concept designs can be provided for both pleasure as commercially operated yachts. Conceptual work includes main particulars, ratio studies, weight budget calculations and specifications.
Designs are worked out at first with the old fashion pencil and paper. After preliminary work and preliminary calculations all data is used to draw these elements into CAD and RHINO software.
Sail plans, deck plans and sail handling systems have always been of special interest. Due to the extensive racing experience these can be optimized and simplified. Our main goal is keeping it as simple as possible. DanelDesign operates under his K.I.S philosophy to obtain the most aesthetically profound solutions.
In support of yards, lines plans and computer-lofting and fairing can be provided.

We create reflections of our history into Modern Classics. 
DD provides out of the box designs. They stand out and definitely impress your entourage.

Spars, Rigs and Structural Analysis:
Loading's on the rig are defined in first order with calculations which are made with frame work and spreadsheet software. Final FEM analysis is provided by specialists (subcontracted).

General arrangements and space allocation for interiors are made for all vessels. Interior design, styling and detailing done in house.

Project Management:
DD can provide experience for major refits and new builds.
Providing calculations, designs and preliminary drawings.
Problem solving on technical and esthetic issues.
Shipyard selection.

Conceptual Classic Yacht Improvements:
DD takes the classic yacht back to its essence to refurbish, restore, improve and most importantly replacing the soul of the yacht.
The imperfections of its era need to remain instead of rebuilding a classic into a modern to take all its life away.
Most designers give their clients the over rated perfection for their classic yachts creating too many costs and gaining profit for their companies.
DD finds that certain lifestyle of that era and reflects it on the project to give back its original spark.

Contact DD to get more related to the expertise it has to get you started.


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