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DD 43 Bow racing

Welcome to DanelDesign, your go-to destination for exceptional naval architecture and design solutions, guided by the timeless principle of "Keep it Simple" (K.I.S). Whether you're in the market for preliminary designs or concept designs for pleasure or commercially operated yachts, our expertise spans a spectrum of services that prioritize simplicity and functionality.

Our design process begins with the age-old tradition of pencil and paper, where preliminary work and calculations lay the foundation for our innovative concepts. Utilizing cutting-edge CAD and RHINO software, we transform these initial sketches into detailed, aesthetically profound designs. Sail plans, deck plans, and sail handling systems are optimized and simplified, drawing on our extensive racing experience to ensure efficiency without compromising elegance.

At DanelDesign, we take pride in creating reflections of history through our Modern Classics. Our out-of-the-box designs are crafted to stand out and impress, setting your yacht apart from the ordinary.

In addition to our design prowess, we offer comprehensive services in spars, rigs, and structural analysis. Rig loads are meticulously defined through calculations, while final Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis is entrusted to our specialized subcontractors.

When it comes to interiors, we excel in creating general arrangements and space allocations for all vessels. From design to styling and detailing, we ensure the interior reflects the unique personality of each yacht.

DanelDesign isn't just a design firm; we offer project management expertise for major refits and new builds. From calculations and preliminary drawings to addressing technical and aesthetic challenges, we guide you through the entire process, including shipyard selection.

Our Conceptual Classic Yacht Improvements breathe new life into vintage vessels, embracing imperfections and preserving the soul of the yacht. Unlike other designers who strive for overrated perfection, we capture the lifestyle of a bygone era, rekindling the original spark of these timeless classics.

Ready to embark on a journey of uncomplicated elegance and unparalleled design? Contact DanelDesign to explore the expertise that awaits you. Let's bring your maritime dreams to life.

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